It’s 2014 and people still use plastic jewelry or ends on barbells! So tired of seeing beach balls or worse “disco balls” with gems that have fallen out of them. If you just so happened to get pierced with acrylic at a sub-par shop, your jewelry wasn’t properly sterilized…period. Acrylic will melt when exposed to high heat, steam and pressure over a period of time which is how an autoclave sterilizes clean objects. There are plenty of quality pieces of body jewelry that just look better; you’re an adult, you deserve to wear grown-up jewelry! @piercer_memes #piercingmemes #piercerproblems #bodypiercing #piercing #downtownbinghamton #binghamtonuniversity #binghamtonu #sunycortland #ithacacollege #cornelluniversity #broomecommunitycollege #elmira #syracuse

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Dear Anonymous.

Hey it’s ANONYMOUS. I came in earlier tonight asking about getting my nipples pierced. My mom and I are wanting to drive to Indiana tomorrow to get them done. Do you know of anyone there that’s good and will do them? Get back to me as soon as you can, please and thank you!

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I strongly suggest you wait. Breast development is still occurring at your age.

Honestly, it is completely unethical for a professional body piercer to do the piercing for this and any other breast or genital piercing on someone under 18 either with or without parental consent. Furthermore, any piercer willing to do the piercing obviously does not understand the complications that can arise for you, which would therefore make them unqualified to perform the procedure.

I hope you will consider your health and well being over the desire to get this piercing at this time.

I have a saying, “just because you can do something (a piercing) does not mean you should.

Good luck to you.

Karla j. Grimes, B.S.
Professional Body Piercer——Adolescents-and-Body-Modification?IsMobileSet=true


The BUG designed by Latvian designer Janis Straupe of True Latvia

This is just cool

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Time to upgrade those CBR’s and get some opal beads and clusters! #opal #anatometal #evolvebodyjewelry #pinkyspiercings #chambana #cluster #champaign #chambanamoms #bodyart (at Pinky’s Piercings and Fine Body Jewelry)

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Bring me all of the white girls.


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I just want to say, I am crazy for clusters! Trinity ends, pawprints, flowers, you name it I WANT THEM ALL


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14ga Threaded Crosses in solid 18k yellow and white gold


14ga Threaded Crosses in solid 18k yellow and white gold

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