The truth about ear studs

Let’s talk for a minute about the vast majority of commercially available jewelry marketed for pierced ears.
Below you will see a picture of 14K gold jewelry that supposedly is safe and comfortable.

1. The edges of the jewelry appear sharp and the finish is less than mirror finish. Open grooves in the backing and the rough, sharp edges can damage piercings and harbor bacteria and debris.

2. the wonderful 14K gold stamping. The stamping is on the post of the earring, and the crevices and edges are a perfect breeding ground for nasty pathogens.

3. Super sharp threading on the post. I have seen this sort of threading go as far up as 3/4 of the way up the post, essentially causing the piercing to constantly be irritated and damaged. Rubbing this threading even against normal skin can cut into the surface… OUCH!

4. The 14K gold means quality, right? WRONG! The karat only tells you of the percentage of gold in the jewelry in GENERAL. It does not specify if the post, backing, front design or any other part of the jewelry is gold, or even if it is plated! Plated gold can flake off and cause rough edges and expose the wearer to the metals under the plating, which can contain lead (toxic), nickel (a common metal causing reactions), copper and other “stuff” to make the jewelry harder, brighter and more “gold looking”.

Long story short, the jewelry going through your body should ALWAYS be implant grade, with a mirror finish and no rough edges, and not have imprints or other marks where bacteria can colonize. We love using neometal threadless titanium labrets, which come in many different lengths (for chubby or thin lobes) and tons of threadless top choices! Stop by today and pick up some truly safe, implant grade quality jewelry and see what a wonderful difference it makes!